Eagleheart – Reverse

Eagleheart comes from the Czech Republic, and released their third disc mid-last year entitled “Reverse”. The artwork gives off a proggy vibe, and while there may be more progressive elements in the form of occasionally varied song structures, the band usually stays comfortable in the realm of power metal. The draw to this group is their new singer Roman Sácek, who blends Michael Kiske with Ben Sotto (Heavenly). In fact, there are numerous moments throughout this disc that recall the latter band, which is an impressive feat given how unique of a sound Heavenly has. There are also some harsher growls on the record, but they don’t particularly leave an impact – positive or negative.

Once you look beyond the vocals, there unfortunately isn’t too much left. Structurally, the album is rock solid. The production is full, with an even mix that leaves no musician unheard. All 5 members of the band are extraordinarily talented at their instruments, making “Reverse” a very polished release. This sort of sound is too commonplace for Eagleheart to succeed on professionalism alone. The band doesn’t place enough emphasis on hooks or even great riffs (“Palace of Thoughts” being somewhat of an exception in both categories). Barely a handful of songs have melodies that will stay in your head for hours, but even those are eclipsed by many of the band’s peers. This issue is somewhat pervasive, as it doesn’t matter whether Eagleheart plays fast, slow, or anything in between.

One big problem is simply the band’s propensity for short, slow interludes. They are rarely effective, but Eagleheart seems almost obsessed with inserting them into most tracks. It should be unsurprising then, that the best moments on “Reverse” tend to be the flashiest. “Healing The Scars” stands out for its extensive lead guitar work. This is one of the few songs that truly feels energetic and inspired. To the band’s credit, this is true of most of the shredding sections. If Eagleheart could capture this essence throughout the remaining songs (and cut a few more to get down to a reasonable runtime), “Reverse” would likely be a major winner. Until then, it remains one of many records lost in a sea of similar music.

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“Healing The Scars”
“Palace of Thoughts”

Final Rating
3.4/5 or 68%.

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